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American Icon Brewery Review

Located in the heart of downtown Vero Beach, American Icon Brewery is a truly unique place that has been in operation for almost five years. Co-Owners, Carl Berry and Jason Emmett have been in the hospitality industry for most of their lives and are passionate about making great beer and delicious food! Michael Rechter, the founder of American Icon, is a real estate developer, investor, and entrepreneur from South Florida who invested 6.5 million dollars into renovating the building. The result is a brewery with an expansive industrial design, including an old 750-kilowatt diesel engine generator that has been transformed into the location for the beer taps. In addition to its impressive atmosphere, American Icon Brewery also offers an elevated gastropub-style menu. Whether you’re a fan of craft beer or just looking for a new place to grab a bite and relax, American Icon Brewery is definitely worth checking out.

American Icon Brewery is located in Vero Beach’s oldest municipal building, which was formerly a diesel power plant constructed in the late 1920s. The interior of the brewery has an open, industrial design, with a large bar surrounding the old diesel engine and a variety of booths and tables on the first floor. For a different perspective on the brewery, visitors can head upstairs to the loft, which offers tables with a view of the brew room below and a private room that can be rented for events or meetings. The brewery also has an outdoor patio for those who prefer to sit outside. A new menu was recently released, and visitors can try a variety of beers and dishes from the menu during their visit.

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Now let’s dive right in and see what this place has to offer and what I had to eat and drink!

(Left to Right) – Icon IPA (ABV 6.5% | IBU 65), 1926 HEF (ABV 5.2% | IBU 16), American Hero (4.8% ABV | 25 IBU)

Icon IPA (ABV 6.5% | IBU 65)

Tasting Notes: This medium-bodied IPA is light in color and features a subtle piney character with bright citrusy notes evocative of popular West Coast styles.

1926 HEF (ABV 5.2% | IBU 16)

Tasting Notes: This full-flavored hefeweizen is brewed in the traditional German style, and offers an effervescent feel complemented by yeasty notes of banana and clove.

American Hero (4.8% ABV | 25 IBU)

Tasting Notes: Brewed with locally sourced hops grown by Veterans, this unique beer is very special. Loaded with bright, citrusy aromas and juicy hop flavor; balanced by a lighter body and smooth finish.

HAWAIIAN POKE BOWL – Ahi tuna, orzo, edamame, avocado, mango, seaweed salad, pineapple, English cucumber, poke sauce, taro chips, and spicy mayo. The combination of flavors and textures in this dish was what really made it stand out to me. Each bite was a symphony of flavors, with a little sweetness, a hint of spiciness, and a touch of tanginess all rolled into one. It was truly a unique and enjoyable dish.

STEAK RICE BOWL – Marinated tenderloin steak, cilantro rice, shredded lettuce, roasted tomatoes, roasted corn, pickled red onion, and cheddar jack cheese with a drizzle of avocado crema. The meat in the dish was extremely tender and perfectly seasoned, and the vegetables were all incredibly fresh. The avocado crema added a fresh, light, and flavorful touch to the dish. This meal is a great choice for someone who has a big appetite and enjoys bold flavors.

HALF RACK OF BABY BACK RIBS – Slow-roasted pork ribs served with a side of fries
and coleslaw. The ribs are cooked in the oven and then coated in a tangy BBQ sauce before being grilled to perfection just before serving. The result is tender ribs that easily pull apart and has a sweet and smoky flavor from the BBQ sauce.


LAMB BURGER – Hand-pattied Australian Lamb, feta cheese, arugula, pickled red onion, roasted garlic & tomato hummus served on an English muffin. The first bite of the burger was surprising and full of bold flavors. Many people tend to avoid lamb because of its strong flavor, but this burger had none of the gaminess that is often associated with lamb. The English muffin served as an excellent choice for a bun, and the feta cheese and pickled onions added a tangy twist to the burger.

American Icon Brewery
Address: 1133 19th Pl, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 934-4266

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