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  • Counter Culture Restaurant Review

    If you are not familiar with Counter Culture, this restaurant is known for healthy dishes featuring many gluten-free, keto, and Vegan options on their menu. History has shown that a restaurant that serves only these specialty items won’t survive, because there are not enough people in this area to support them. After having opened and […]

  • Culturally Diverse Restaurants in Indian River County

    Food is a very important component of culture because it helps bring people together from all walks of life and connect on a more intimate level with their family and friends. Comfort foods, for example, frequently show who we are and where we come from because they are deeply rooted in tradition, and they help […]

  • Foodie Day Trip – Fort Pierce, FL

    I’m continuing my “Foodie Day Trip” article series and this time I’m heading to Fort Pierce Florida! In my first article, I started in the Melbourne & Palm Bay areas, and I’m eating my way down the Treasure Coast! In case you missed the last article from my visit to Sebastian, FL, CLICK HERE to catch up […]

  • New Restaurants in Indian River County – Part 2

    If you are just joining us on this 2-part article series, CLICK HERE to read part 1 first, then click on the link at the bottom of part 1 to come back here and read part 2. Now let’s dive right into part 2 and check out these new places and see what I had to eat! […]

  • Chuck’s Seafood Restaurant Review

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a food blogger and get to eat all the amazing food that goes along with the job? The folks in the photo below wondered that too and purchased my Restaurant Review Dining Experience to join me during an actual restaurant review! They had the […]

  • New Restaurants in Indian River County – Part 1

    I always get excited when I hear about new restaurants opening in Indian River County! New mom & pop restaurants are the lifeblood of our local economy, and a lot, if not all of that money ends up staying in our community. By dining at the large national chains, you are likely helping a CEO […]

  • Red Wok Restaurant Review

    What’s the one cuisine type that I would say that Vero Beach needs the most? From all the discussions about it in our Facebook foodie groups, that would be Chinese. After Szechuan Palace closed back in 2019, Vero lost its last sit-down Chinese restaurant. While I never got a chance to try it, they did […]

  • Chefs of Indian River County with Louis Kolbauer

    Join me for this new video series where I sit down with local chefs from Indian River County Florida and ask them my Top “ATE” Questions to learn more about them! In this episode, we sit down with my 2021 Golden Fork Awards Chef of the Year, Louis Kolbauer! Click the play button below to […]

  • Vero Prime Restaurant Review

    As I was working on the Most Romantic Restaurants in Indian River County article, I tried a few additional dishes so I could do a more Indepth article about Vero Prime. While this isn’t my first time here, it is my first time reviewing them. When a good quality steak comes to mind, Vero Prime […]

  • Restaurants You Can Boat To in Indian River County

    I’ve been a resident of Indian River County for almost 8 years now, and this was my first time out on a boat in the Indian River Lagoon. I’ve always admired the views from the bridges and docks, but never from a boat, so I was really looking forward to this experience and a chance […]

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