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Best Burger on the Treasure Coast

Who’s craving a big juicy cheeseburger right about now? I like mine made with a soft brioche bun that’s been toasted and slathered with a good roasted garlic aioli. A good quality beef patty is key to any burger and it must be cooked to a perfect medium with two slices of a sharp cheddar cheese melted over top. I only like a small amount of ketchup and mustard because I don’t want them to overpower the other flavors. The veggies must be very cold and placed on the burger right before they serve it to me. Picking up the burger and taking that first bite is always the best. The soft delicate bun flanked by cold crisp veggies and the juice from the beef patty that starts to roll down your chin and gets all over your hands. There is a certain satisfaction I get when taking a bite and the mouth feel that makes me so very happy!

Why should you trust my opinion when it comes to selecting the Best Burger? I’m a full time professional food blogger with over 7 years of experience. I’ve also had the pleasure of judging the United Against Poverty’s Burgers & Brews event and the Hope for Families Center local Top Chef events over the last several years. When judging burgers, I always cut them in half to check the cook, then take a bite from the middle of the burger. This way I get a bite of everything on it at one time. The second half is deconstructed and each individual ingredient is eaten separately to check for freshness and proper seasoning.

With over 53 different restaurants suggested in our recent poll, I narrowed down the list to the Top 5 places. I would be remiss if I didn’t include my favorite place to grab a burger on the Treasure Coast, so this article will feature the Top 6 places to get some of the Best Burgers on the Treasure Coast!

Now let’s dive right in and see which burger is the Best on the Treasure Coast!

#6 – Outriggers Bar & Grill – Micco, FL

Front Entrance
Outdoor Dining Room and Bar
BBQ Bilge Burger

Coming in at #6 on our list is the BBQ Bilge Burger from Outriggers Bar & Grill in Micco, FL! This is a tough place to find. I’ve passed by it numerous times and never knew it was there. The restaurant has been in business for 12 years and is located right next to the San Sebastian marina. You guys recommended the BBQ Bilge Burger, so that is what I ordered. First off, the burger patty is HUGE! It has bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, and BBQ sauce over the top, all served on an artisan style bun. I cut the burger in half to check the cook, and it was medium just like I ordered it. It’s a bit messy as you can imagine, but had good flavor. A good burger is only as good as the fries served with it and these were some of the best of the 6 on this list. The main reason why it didn’t rank higher on my list is because of the BBQ sauce. Anytime a burger has BBQ sauce on it, it becomes the predominant flavor and you can’t taste the other toppings. Next time I’ll have them hold the BBQ sauce! 😉

Outriggers Bar & Grill
Address: 4015 Main St, Micco, FL 32976
Phone: (772) 664-1112

#5 – Greedy Burger – Vero Beach, FL

Dining Room
Chubby Burger

Coming in at #5 on our list is the Chubby Burger from Greedy Burger in Vero Beach, FL! They are located right off of Hwy 60 and 43rd Ave, so they are very easy to find! As the newest burger joint on this list, coming in at #5 (out of 53 suggestions) is pretty impressive! No particular burger was suggested in the poll, so I decided to order their basic Chubby burger. It has a 6 oz fresh, never frozen beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, on a soft brioche bun. I cut it in half, and it was cooked to a perfect medium. The bun could have been toasted a little bit longer and the patty seasoning was a little bit heavier on the pepper than I like, but over all a great burger! The onion rings, while not made in house, were very good.

Greedy Burger
Address1555 US-1, Suite #104, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 562-7245


#4 – Casey’s Place – Vero Beach, FL

Outdoor Dining
Deluxe Cheeseburger

Coming in at #4 on our list is the Deluxe Cheeseburger from Casey’s Place in Vero Beach, FL! They are located on the Island and have been in business for over 38 years! They are one of the most suggested places to grab a burger in Vero Beach! No particular burger was suggested in our poll, so I ordered their most popular. It’s made with a 6 oz Black Angus beef patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo, Casey’s special sauce, and served on a Kaiser roll. I cut it in half and it was cooked to a perfect medium, the bun was nicely toasted, and veggies were super fresh. They have regular or you can choose Cajun seasoned French fries (pictured above) which are awesome! The one thing that keeps me from ranking it higher on my list is that they under season (or not at all) their beef patty. With a mostly senior clientele, I understand why they do it that way, but if you make a personal choice to eat a cheeseburger, then you should expect a little more sodium than a salad, just sayin’!

Casey’s Place
Address: 917 Azalea Ln, Vero Beach, FL 32963
Phone: (772) 231-4790


#3 – Bobby’s Restaurant & Lounge – Vero Beach, FL

Front Entrance
Dining Room with view of Outdoor Patio
Bobby’s Burger

Coming in at #3 is Bobby’s Burger from Bobby’s Restaurant & Lounge in Vero Beach, FL! They are also located on the Island and have been in business for over 35 years! The burger that was recommended from our poll was Bobby’s Burger. It’s made with a 10 oz beef patty, sautéed mushrooms & onions. lettuce, tomato, and cheese. The bun was nicely toasted, the burger patty did have a little seasoning on it (could use a little more IMO), and that melty cheese over the sautéed onions & mushrooms was gooey and had a rich cheesy flavor! I opted for the sweet potato fries, a favorite of mine, and they were delicious!

Bobby’s Restaurant & Lounge
Address: 3450 Ocean Dr, Vero Beach, FL 32963
Phone: (772) 231-6996


#2 – Brass Ring Pub – North Palm Beach, FL

Front Entrance
Bar & Dining Room
Bacon Cheeseburger

Coming in at #2 on our list is the Bacon Cheeseburger from the Brass Ring Pub in North Palm Beach, FL! They are conveniently located right off of US Hwy 1. The burger that was suggested in the poll was the Bacon Cheeseburger. It’s made with an 8 oz beef patty and topped with American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. I asked for it to be cooked medium, and medium is what I got. The burger has a wonderful char-grilled flavor, the cheese and bacon were plentiful, and the veggies were cold, just like I like them! My first bite was total bliss! As I tore the second half apart, the burger patty was seasoned perfectly, the veggies were super fresh (and cold), and the sesame seed bun was soft, yet held together well for as juicy as the burger was. The ONE THING holding this burger back from making the #1 spot on this list is the French fries. In my opinion, a great burger is only as good as the French fries served with it. They are your basic run of the mill you can find at just about any restaurant in town and were a little to crunchy for my taste.

Brass Ring Pub NPB
Address: 200 US-1, North Palm Beach, FL 33408
Phone: (561) 848-4748

#1 – South Fork Kitchen & Bar – Stuart, FL

Front Entrance
Dining Room
“BAMF Burger” – aka the “Bad Ass Mother Fucker” Burger

Coming in at #1 as the Best Burger on the Treasure Coast is the “BAMF Burger” – aka the “Bad Ass Mother Fucker” Burger from South Fork Kitchen & Bar in Stuart, FL! The “BAMF” Burger was my addition to this list and still reigns supreme in my opinion as the Best Burger on the Treasure Coast! It’s made with two beef patties flanked by slices of American cheese, bacon-onion jam, and a chipotle aioli, all served on a brioche bun. I cut it in half and the patties were cooked medium, just like I requested. I took my first bite and was in heaven! The saltiness of the burger, sweetness from the bacon-onion jam, and the tanginess of the chipotle aioli all worked so perfectly together. The French fries are Truffle Parmesan and some of the best I’ve ever had. While South Fork is considered fine dining, it’s not pretentious or unapproachable at all, so next time you are in the Stuart, FL area, I HIGHLY recommend you make a reservation and stop by and try one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted!

South Fork Kitchen & Bar
Address900 SE Indian St, Stuart, FL 34997
Phone: (772) 247-7382

Thomas Miller

My name is Thomas Miller, aka “The Treasure Coast Foodie” and “The Foodie Guy” and now the host and producer of the brand new show called Holy Grail Eats! I’ve been a professional food blogger for the past 8 years and I’m very passionate about finding “Holy Grail” dishes and supporting local mom and pop owned restaurants! I’ve reviewed over 300 local restaurants in the last 8 years and my food photos are devoured by 10’s of thousands each month on my website treasurecoastfoodie.com. As a Google Maps Level 8 Local Guide, I have submitted over 3,500 photos that have been viewed over 72 million times. My foodie tribe is over 125,000 strong on the Treasure Coast and my Foodie Meetups and Chef’s Table Dining events are some of the Top Culinary experiences on the Treasure Coast!

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