Foodie Tours

A Foodie Tour by The Treasure Coast Foodie is a great way to experience a variety of different foods from several local restaurants all in one day! You will meet us at the first restaurant (location shared a day before the tour starts) and over the next several hours we will visit 3-4 different restaurants to sample tasty dishes, traveling between via each location via van transportation. Our tours are like a progressive dinner at more than one restaurant!  All the food on the tour is pre-selected for you, and your ticket is all-inclusive!

Do you have any questions before booking your tour? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if that answers your questions. You may also contact us directly using the Contact Us form on this website.

COMING SOON!!! This page is under construction, so be sure to sign up for our Email Newsletter or download our Mobile App to know when we host our first tour!

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