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Highlights of YouTube Competitive Eater Randy Santel’s visit to Vero Beach

In case you missed it, Randy Santel, a YouTube Competitive Eater with over 950 plus wins from all over the world was in Vero Beach from March 3rd – 6th taking on a few food challenges. Randy has quite the following on YouTube with an impressive 1.27 million subscribers and 1.4 million on Facebook. He took on challenges at Cafe 66, The Green Marlin Restaurant & Raw Bar, The Crab Stop of Vero Beach, and Chive. He was able to beat all but the one at The Crab Stop. Check out all the photos below to see what you missed!

Food Challenge at Cafe 66

Randy Santel contemplating what he got himself into, that was a LOT of food!
Included on this platter is: Full rack of St Louis ribs, 1 Cuban Sandwich, 1 Dump Burger, 1 Gringo burrito, and 1 Carolina Swine Sliced Pork sandwich
Garbage Can Fries with Chopped Beef Brisket
Dessert is: Lacy’s Banana Pudding and Peanut Butter Pie
Cafe 66 Owners, Lacy and Dan with Randy Santel
Randy Santel and Thomas Miller
Randy had 1 hour to complete the challenge and finished in 56:42!

Food Challenge at The Green Marlin Restaurant & Raw Bar

Included in the Challenge is: On top of the tower was fried seafood, the middle was a seafood boil, and the bottom had clams and oysters. He also had to eat an Ahi Tuna Bomb, a slice of Diane’s (Owners Mom) Butter Cake, and an Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream.
Green Marlin Owner Louis Kolbauer and Randy Santel
Randy Santel and Thomas Miller
Randy had 45 minutes to complete the challenge and finished in 40:59!

Food Challenge at The Crab Stop of Vero Beach

Raw Seafood laid out on the platter before the challenge: It included 1 whole lobster, 6 blue crabs, 1/2 lb. of scallops, 24 peel & eat shrimps, 1/2 lb. of sliced sausage, 3 snow crab clusters, 3 king crab legs, 1/2 lb. of potatoes, 4 hard boiled eggs, and 4 corn coblets!
Cooked Seafood Platter with a boat of sides that included 6 crab balls, 6 conch fritters, and 6 wings.
Crab Stop owner, Ellis Buckner with Randy Santel
Randy Santel and Thomas Miller
Randy had 1 hour 15 minutes to complete the challenge, but unfortunately didn’t finish in time. He finished in 1 hour 20 minutes.

Food Challenge at Chive

The challenge platter included: 16 tacos, 2 Ruben Egg Rolls, and 1 Max & Cheese Burrito. He also had to finish 2 flights of local craft beers. Not pictures, he also had to eat 2 slices of Lou’s Mom’s (Diane) Banana Bread with Apple Butter.
Randy Santel with Chive owner, Louis Kolbauer
Thomas Miller and Randy Santel
Randy had 45 minutes to complete the challenge and finished in 33:20!

Randy had a great time while visiting Vero Beach and hopes to return one day for vacation and a rematch with the Crab Stop challenge! I’m working on a couple of videos from his visit, a highlight reel of all the food challenges and restaurants he visited and 10 Questions with Randy Santel so you can learn more the man behind the food challenges, so stay tuned!

To keep up with him and where he will be and what food challenges he is taking on next, be sure to follow his social media at the links below!

Randy Santel – YouTube Competitive Eater
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