Introducing The Treasure Coast Foodie!

I’ve been a foodie for the majority of my life, but it hasn’t been until the last 2 years that I decided it was time to change my career path (22 years in Healthcare IT) and become a full time food blogger and as of Feb 1st, 2019, I did just that. While the change has been scary at times, it’s also been very rewarding too. When starting any new business, there will always be challenges, but I’ve overcome most of them and I’ve never been happier than I am right now with my job.

I’m sure a lot of you have a few questions about the recent changes you’ve seen on Facebook, in our email newsletters, and on our website that I’ve made, so I’m going to try and address your questions below.

“What happened to Vero Beach Foodie”? The short answer is nothing, it still exists, but I will no longer be blogging under that name anymore. I will still be around and very much involved with both of the Facebook groups I’ve worked hard to help build over the last 3 years.

“Why are you changing?” On April 1st, 2019 I launched a new company called Treasure Coast Savor Diners Club and to better align with that brand name and to allow further reach outside of the Vero Beach area, I decided it was time to shift to the new name.

“How do I continue to receive your blog posts?” If you would like to continue following my eating adventures, you will need to Like my new Facebook page called The Treasure Coast Foodie & Savor Club and on Instagram @thetreasurecoastfoodie. I’ve also created two new Facebook groups, The Treasure Coast Foodie Group and The Treasure Coast Foodie At Home. Please request to join both groups and invite your friends too! To subscribe to our email newsletter, keep scrolling down and you will find the sign up form, then enter your email address and click on subscribe and your all set!

“I can’t find your website” Our website has a new address,, so be sure to bookmark it for easy access so you don’t miss any of my new blog posts. We are also always looking for ways to improve our website for you and we do listen to your requests, so I’m happy to report that for all future events we will no longer be using for our event tickets. We’ve added a brand new event ticket system on our website and we also brought PayPal back as a payment option. You also have the ability to purchase more than one ticket at a time now too! To help speed up your check-out(s), you can check the box “Create an Account” and you can save your contact and payment information for future purchases! To see all current events we are hosting (after Covid-19 lock down ends) and purchase tickets, be sure to check out our events page at

April 1st marked our One Year Anniversary in business! We wish it was under better circumstances, but we still celebrated nonetheless! Please continue to use your VIP Memberships, I know our restaurant partners would be happy to have your business and still honor the discounts even during this difficult time. Just as a reminder for our current VIP Members, as of March 20th, 2020 we will be extending your memberships until this dine in restaurants ban is over with. We will also be adding one additional month for those that stick with us during this difficult time, so THANK YOU for hanging in there with us!

Thanks for reading. be well and I hope we can get back to normal very soon! Until we eat again, take care and I’ll see you on the other side!

Written by Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller, aka “The Treasure Coast Foodie” and “The Foodie Guy” is big on organic everything and very particular about his butter. He has reviewed over 250+ local restaurants in the last 6 years! His food photos are devoured by 10’s of thousands each month on his website As a Google Maps Local Guide, he has submitted over 2,500 photos that have been viewed over 38 million times. His foodie tribe is over 25,000 on the Treasure Coast and his Foodie Meetups & Chef’s Table Dining Experience events are some of the Top Culinary experiences in the area!