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Pepper & Salt BBQ – Food Review

I just visited Pepper and Salt BBQ with my mom and sister, and it was amazing. The owners, John and Heather, are very nice and helpful. Once the food is sold out, they are done for the day so get there early so you can grab some of their grub at the walk-up counter. They serve Texas-Style barbecue because that is where they are from.  They serve brisket, pork belly burnt ends, smoked turkey, jalapeno cheddar sausage, ribs, and smoked brisket burgers. Additional items besides their meat are sides which include baked beans, green beans with bacon, mac and cheese, coleslaw, and potato salad.

The first tray they brought out was a meat platter with pickles, jalapenos, two pieces of bread, and onions. The meat platter had moist brisket, pork belly burnt ends, smoked turkey, jalapeno cheddar sausage, and melt in your mouth ribs. The brisket was so perfectly seasoned and juicy. It was so smoky and flavorful. Their signature pepper and salt crust outer layer was dynamite and the perfect addition to all of the barbeque options. It was the most southern style barbeque I have ever had.   

The second tray was five different heaping portions of sides and a stack of white bread. The sides were creamy coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, mac and cheese, and green beans with bacon. The sides went so perfectly with the barbeque that it will definitely leave you craving more.

If you have a sweet tooth, they also serve homemade oatmeal crème pies, banana pudding, and pints of Blue Bell ice cream.

From Left to Right: BBQ Pitmaster John Chianis and Jackson Harbin

Pepper & Salt
Address: 308 Old Dixie Hwy, Vero Beach, FL 32962
Phone: (772) 257-5726

Jackson Harbin

Hi, I’m Jackson Harbin and I am obsessed all things food. Not only do I love cooking and baking at home, I enjoy eating out and meeting restaurant owners. Born and raised in Vero Beach, I think this town has some of the best restaurants in the state. I have critiqued food from a kid’s perspective for 4 years and I am excited to expand to The Treasure Coast Foodie. My passion and blogs have been followed on Facebook and Instagram by so many people I can’t even count. I am here to tell you about the best restaurants in my opinion and the ones I have yet to try. I prefer to eat local, however, I am always open to suggestions.

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  1. Everyone seems to love this place. I’ve wanted to try it, but each time I’ve gone – five or six times now – they’ve run out of food. At least 14 Bones always has food to serve!!!

    1. If you are not familiar with how Texas BBQ works, they only have the capacity to cook so much meat per day, and as good as it is, they tend to run out quickly. They did just add another smoker and 2 more warmer cabinets, so their capacity should be better moving forward. Just make sure you show up when they open to make sure you get some!

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