Sunday’s Best Kitchen Gadget Deals – June 21st

It’s time once again to showcase today’s best Kitchen Gadget Deals available on Amazon! I for one LOVE kitchen gadgets and have quite a few of them, but I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest to add to my collection. I also like a good bargain too and will go to great lengths to get them as cheaply as possible too!

The purpose of this new Lifestyle Blog series is to help you find some great deals on kitchen gadgets so you can always be prepared for those new recipes you’ve been dying to try out!

The Best Kitchen Gadget Deals for Sunday, June 21st

The EVER POPULAR Instapot Duo Plus Mini seems to remain a hot item, especially around the holidays as a favorite gift item for the one in your family that likes to cook, so it’s somewhat rare to see it on sale in the middle of summer. If you’ve been wanting to try one, grab one today at 20% off it’s normal price!

If your cookware set has seen better days, today is a good day to remedy that! We have a similar set that is hard anodized which is great for easy clean up, but the only thing I don’t like is that they don’t recommend you run through your dishwasher. If that doesn’t bother you, then you can upgrade today and save 32% off regular price!

My wife just grabbed a set of these containers for our kitchen staples. We’ve been just keeping them in plastic bags in the pantry, which is very inconvenient when you need something quick. Now we have them on the counter top and they are super convenient to get to. Grab some for yourself today at 26% off!

This is a unique design flat style whisk. I can see where this one would come in handy when whipping cream in a tilted bowl so you reach the corner easily. I prefer metal too, we have a plastic whisk that I never use. If you need an upgrade, grab one today for an incredible 33% off!

In case you missed the deal last week for a masticating juicer, you’re in luck because this one is actually a little bit cheaper and an even better deal! With a regular price of $299.99, grab one today for an incredible 72% off!

While I’m not a big wine drinker, I actually prefer a stemless wineglass. There is less chance for spillage and they are so much easier to run through your dishwasher without the worry of breakage. This set includes four 15 oz glasses and you can grab a set today for 34% off!

Crockpot is the most well known brand and always very highly rated by consumers. This unique low profile design is perfect for cooking and keeping your casserole’s hot and ready for your guests. Add one to your collection today for 25% off normal price!

We’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a counter top oven to keep from heating up the kitchen during the summer with our full size oven. They are extremely versatile and offer many different cooking options. I just haven’t decided if I want to give up valuable counter top space for one yet. If you’re ready to grab one, today you can save 25% of this highly rated name brand unit.

That’s it for this week. If you like this new blog post series, sound off in the comments below and let me know!

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Written by Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller, aka “The Treasure Coast Foodie” and “The Foodie Guy” is big on organic everything and very particular about his butter. He has reviewed over 250+ local restaurants in the last 6 years! His food photos are devoured by 10’s of thousands each month on his website As a Google Maps Local Guide, he has submitted over 2,500 photos that have been viewed over 38 million times. His foodie tribe is over 25,000 on the Treasure Coast and his Foodie Meetups & Chef’s Table Dining Experience events are some of the Top Culinary experiences in the area!