There’s A New Truck on The Block! Launches Tuesday, September 1

When you are looking for made-to-order food close-to-home or work, and you want it convenient, tasty and easy-to-find, now’s the time to look no further than The Dignity Food Truck conceived by and operated fully by The Source.

Thanks to a grant by Impact 100The Source, a Christian Outreach Ministry located in Vero Beach, meets the needs of the homeless and at-risk while transforming lives in our community.

The Dignity Food Truck is a social enterprise that is geared to selling award-winning foods throughout the community Monday through Friday. It provides a training opportunity for homeless culinary students to get hands-on training with real customers.

Dignity Foods also provides the students the ability to learn how to make made-to-order food while it travels on a designated schedule throughout various locations within Indian River County. Looking for the Food Truck today? The schedule is Monday and Tuesdays at Tropical Scooters, 1081 U.S. Highway 1; Wednesdays from at United Against Poverty, 1400 27th St; and on Fridays at Route 60 Hyundai, 8575 20th Street.  All the cooking begins at 11 a.m. until the food is sold out!  You order from the window or use an easy-to-use Google App (download “I Am The Source” from your App Store) to view a menu, order requested items for a scheduled pick-up time, pay online, and ultimately go to the Food Truck location and simply retrieve the order. That is surely a Pandemic way of living carefully these days! Customers will not only enjoy the food and convenience, but they will also be contributing to homeless culinary students perfecting their knowledge in the kitchen and being able to gain employment in the food business. All monies derived will be used to support programs and services at The Source.

The Source operates from their outreach facility located at 1015 Commerce Avenue in Vero Beach which is open seven days a week. They offer life-changing possibilities to residents in crisis; offer emergency hunger relief, clothing, counseling, support groups, hygiene items, showers, mail and telephone services, benefit referrals, cold weather refuge, and much more. As first responders, The Source helps provide critical care for physical, spiritual, civic, and social needs.

For more information on The Source and the Dignity Food Truck, please visit, visit TheSourceVB/ on Facebook or call Executive Director Anthony Zorbaugh, 772-564-0202, Ext. 204.

Written by Thomas Miller

My name is Thomas Miller, aka “The Treasure Coast Foodie” and “The Foodie Guy” and now the host and producer of the brand new show called Holy Grail Eats! I’ve been a professional food blogger for the past 7 years and I’m very passionate about finding “Holy Grail” dishes and supporting local mom & pop owned restaurants! I’ve reviewed over 250 local restaurants in the last 7 years and my food photos are devoured by 10’s of thousands each month on my website As a Google Maps Level 8 Local Guide, I have submitted over 3,000 photos that have been viewed over 50 million times. My foodie tribe is over 125,000 strong on the Treasure Coast and my Foodie Meetups & Chef’s Table Dining events are some of the Top Culinary experiences on the Treasure Coast!

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