Twisted Pickle Deli Reopens Monday, Oct 12th!

The long awaited reopening of the Twisted Pickle Deli happens this Monday, Oct 12th! They have been closed since a fire back in April that destroyed their business along with business next door.

Good morning Pickle Lover’s!!! WooHoo!!! Yessssss..we will be open Monday the 12th!! We did it, finally. A rollercoaster of a ride and a few more hurdles to go but WE ARE BACK! Be gentle with us as we are in a new place with a new POS system. No fountain machine..but coming in the near future. Health codes have increased and we have complied. Please wear face masks. We have sanitizers and ask for social distance. We are doing our best to give you all your favorites. Come in and enjoy! We miss everyone. We want to thank everyone who has wished us well and helped us out..David you worked hard..Patty and Hank..Art and Judy..Adam Ogilvie..Travis..Eli and Sonya..Mr and Mrs Epic..Eric and Shannon..David Johnson..Tawnee and Dave Rust..Jackie and Joe Mott..Dan and Chris..Aaron Beecher..Ali and Shawn Stillman…Sarah Manning..Richard Karp..Tommy Thumanns Deli Best..Kevin Kim Jongs Produce..Kennys produce so fresh you can slap it!..Richard Sin POS man..Loretta and Annette my ice Queens..Shari AKOHO and Pauls Guns..Chila and Scott and the whole Gang at Chill and Grill..Susann Richards our local writer..her Phamazing latest novel should be made into a movie..John our Indian River Honey man..Richy..Marshall..Mark David “Phamazing” Chiarello…Mama Pearl..everyone who donated gofund me…it took a village!! Thank all of you for your help and support since the fire and the summer to open. We could not do it without your help!!?? A grand opening will be organized for the up and coming new year! Can’t wait to see everyone. 10am Monday….Power to the Pickle!!!” Be sure to follow their Facebook page for updates!

Please help support them and stop by their new location at 8980 N. U.S. Highway 1, Suite 104, in Wabasso, FL.

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Written by Thomas Miller

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