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New Restaurants in Indian River County – January 2024

Welcome to the vibrant culinary scene of Indian River County, Florida, where four new locally-owned restaurants have recently opened their doors, adding unique flavors to our already diverse foodie landscape. Among these newcomers, we have a smash burger haven, a brand new Chop House masterminded by one of Vero’s Top Chefs. In addition, a downtown staple has undergone a total renovation and rebranding, unveiling a fresh new identity. Completing this quartet is a trendy new Boba tea shop that emerged just a few weeks ago. Supporting these mom-and-pop establishments is crucial for our local economy, ensuring that the money we spend dining out stays in our community, supporting families, and enriching our local dining experiences.


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Now let’s dive right in and check out these new places and see what I had to eat!

Burger 101 – Vero Beach, FL

Outside view of Ty's Deli, also known as Burger 101 located in Vero Beach, Florida
Inside dining room of Ty's Deli, also known as Burger 101 located in Vero Beach, Florida
Smash burger with a side of truffle parmesan French fries as prepared by Burger 101 located in Vero Beach, Florida

Get ready to savor the delicious offerings of Burger 101, the latest addition to Vero’s smash burger scene. Located on 20th Street, this eatery has transformed from its previous incarnation as Ty’s Deli to fully embrace the smash burger trend. Burger 101 elevates the art of burger-making, utilizing premium Australian Wagyu beef, top-quality American cheese, pickles, and sautéed sweet onions, all harmoniously united within a perfectly toasted brioche bun. Don’t forget to order a side of Parmesan Truffle fries too! While Burger 101 does have a few tables inside, it primarily operates as a to-go destination, making it perfect for those on the move who still crave top-notch burger perfection.

Burger 101
Address1846 20th St, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 365-4803

Coopers Chop House – Vero Beach, FL

Front entrance and outdoor dining patio at Cooper's Chop House located in Vero Beach Florida
Inside dining room at Cooper's Chop House located in Vero Beach Florida
The Brisket Burger as prepared by Cooper's Chop House located in Vero Beach Florida
Chop House Steak & Frites as prepared by Cooper's Chop House located in Vero Beach Florida

Cooper’s Chop House, is the latest concept from Chef Daniel Wise, who is also the Chef & Co-Owner of The Restaurants at Maison Martinique & Havana Nights. This establishment, formerly Mr. Manatees located in Royal Palm Pointe, underwent a complete renovation, transforming it into a modern yet comfortable dining space. The menu features classic Chop House style dishes, with two standout offerings being the Brisket Burger and the Chophouse Steak & Frites, both of impeccable quality and exceptionally delicious. Cooper’s Chop House serves both lunch and dinner, making it a welcome addition to the burgeoning foodie scene in Vero Beach.


Cooper’s Chop House & Seafood
Address: 30 Royal Palm Pointe, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 907-5771

Curfew Vero Beach – Vero Beach, FL

Outside front entrance of Curfew Vero Beach, located in Vero Beach Florida
Edamame Hummas as prepared by Curfew Vero Beach, located in Vero Beach Florida
Meat skewer sampler platter as prepared by Curfew Vero Beach, located in Vero Beach Florida

Our next featured restaurant is Curfew Vero Beach! Formerly known as Southern Social, this restaurant has undergone a significant transformation. Owners Tia Fanelli and Deborah Kershaw, along with Rock Star Chef Red Bellamy, have reinvented this downtown eatery. The restaurant now boasts a “Florida Room” with low-top tables for a warm and inviting dining experience, and a bar area with high-top tables for a younger, late-night vibe, perfect for hanging out with friends. The menu features delights like Edamame Hummus with seasonal veggies, as well as meat skewer sampler platters with options of steak, salmon, and tandoori-style chicken.

Curfew Vero Beach
Address: 1932 14th Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 205-2212

East Coast Boba Company – Vero Beach, FL

Inside Counter at the East Coast Boba Company located in Vero Beach Florida

Our final stop for this article is the East Coast Boba Company, which is riding the wave of the latest trend in popular drinks. Owned by Dave Bedford and his fiancée Theresa, this new shop has been open for just a few weeks. Dave Bedford, a familiar name from his previous ownership of Ono Luau, a Hawaiian-style eatery, brings his expertise to this venture. Located near the high school, in the same plaza as Dagwoods Deli, East Coast Boba Company might not catch your eye from 16th Ave, but it’s only steps away and well worth a visit. They take pride in making everything from scratch, using only the finest ingredients to craft delicious drinks. Among their offerings are the Banana’s Foster Milk Tea (Left) and the Dragon Fruit Jasmine Hibiscus Tea (Right). Click Here to watch a short video to help you find where they are located.

East Coast Boba Company
Address: 1418 16th St, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 400-7492


Did I miss any other new places that opened recently? Let me know in the comments below so I can go check them out!

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