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My Top “ATE” Pizza Joints

With pizza being one of the most beloved foods of all time, I thought it was a good time to highlight all of my favorites in Indian River County. With over 50+ different places to choose from, there is definitely some stiff competition in the area. I personally like just about anything on my pizza, but my wife and I usually order a thin cracker style crust with crumbled sausage and fresh mushrooms. New York style would be next favorite, but since I have a slight gluten intolerance, I tend to stick with a thin gluten free style crust most of the time. While I haven’t had the pleasure to try all 50+ places in IRC to grab a slice, I’m sure you will agree with me that my “Top ATE” below are some of the best options in the county!

Below are my “Top ATE” places when I’m craving pizza to go get one, in no particular order.

Cap’s Pizza and Pub’s has the designation as being one of Vero’s first pizza joints in town and they have been going strong for over 33 years! Their slogan is “Home of the Different Pizza” and this one lives up to that claim. This is the Chicken, Bacon, Spinach, and Tomato Pizza and yes, it’s as good as it looks!

While I consider this place more of an Italian restaurant than I do a pizza joint, Johnny D’s Market & Bistro definitely makes one beautiful classic margarita pie! Lightly baked, crispy crust, and fresh ingredients make this one hard to pass up!

Up next is a very unique pizza that uses unconventional ingredients. It’s called “Jack’s Pizza” after the owner who created it. It uses pesto instead of your typical tomato sauce, a blend of Mozzarella & Parmesan cheeses, sun dried tomatoes, and cashews. Stop by and try one at Nino’s in Lakewood Park!


I recently just had an opportunity to stop by this place and check out a few of their items for another article I’m working on, and I was seriously impressed with this show stopper! This is the house Specialty Pizza and it has pepperoni, sausage, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and black olives! Where can you find all of this deliciousness, at Aunt Louise’s Pizzeria in Sebastian, FL of course!

How does a relative newcomer to the Vero Beach pizza scene become one of the best places in town to grab a slice? The Pizza Mia family has been baking for over 200 years and they always use the freshest ingredients possible. One of my favorite pies here is the Taco pizza, but the Grandma is a close second, and it’s also the most recommended one on the menu!

I consider the Pomodoro Grill a fine dining Italian restaurant and I bet you rarely think about this place when you’re hungry for pizza. With a family history of restaurants in Vero that dates back to the 1970’s, they have been serving up some of the best Italian food (and pizza) in the area for over 30+ years!


As mentioned above, this is our usual go to pie. A thin, crispy cracker like crust, and in this case gluten free and made with cauliflower and topped with sausage and fresh mushrooms. With two locations around the area, you can never go wrong with Vittorio’s Pizza!

Are you starting to notice a trend here? The majority of my favorites are Indian River County institutions and have been operating in this area for more than 30+ years. Family owned and operated since 1978, Vincent’s Ristorante E Pizzeria is always a great choice when you want an exceptional pizza. The pizza pictured above is my wife’s favorite and is made with black olives and fresh mushrooms.


That concludes my “Top Ate” Pizza Joints list for now. Do you have a favorite place that I did not include? Sound off in the comments below and let me know so I can go check it out!


Thomas Miller

My name is Thomas Miller, aka “The Treasure Coast Foodie” and “The Foodie Guy” and now the host and producer of the brand new show called Holy Grail Eats! I’ve been a professional food blogger for the past 8 years and I’m very passionate about finding “Holy Grail” dishes and supporting local mom and pop owned restaurants! I’ve reviewed over 300 local restaurants in the last 8 years and my food photos are devoured by 10’s of thousands each month on my website treasurecoastfoodie.com. As a Google Maps Level 8 Local Guide, I have submitted over 3,500 photos that have been viewed over 72 million times. My foodie tribe is over 125,000 strong on the Treasure Coast and my Foodie Meetups and Chef’s Table Dining events are some of the Top Culinary experiences on the Treasure Coast!

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  1. Great work Thomas!
    Nice representation of some of the better pizza to be had nearby.
    Now I have to go try a Jack’s pizza.
    Surprised Georgios did not make the cut. Try the peppers onions and mushroom a little well done.
    Happy motoring!

  2. Hi Thomas….missing our fun dining experiences around town…re pizza, I’ve never seen you mention Pizzoodles. Family owned, true Italian, thin sliced, great ingredients…central location. Try them out and let me know what you think. They have been our go to place for years, dine in or bring home????

    1. Hi Karen! Yes, I miss the events too. I’m hoping that once covid-19 isn’t such a problem around here and people become more comfortable with dining out again that I can resume our meetups. As for Pizzoodles, I’ve dined there but it’s been quite a while. I’ll have to give them another shot when things hopefully get closer to normal again. Thanks!

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