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Best Places to Get a Cocktail in Indian River County – Part 2

If you are just joining us for this article series, this is Part 2 featuring four more local establishments from all over Indian River County. If you would like to start at the beginning, CLICK HERE! You will find links in that article to bring you back here to continue reading Part 2!


Now let’s dive right in and check out all of these great places to get a cocktail and see what I had to drink!

21st Amendment Distillery – Vero Beach, FL

front entrance for the 21st Amendment Distillery in Vero Beach florida
inside photo from the 21st Amendment Distillery in Vero Beach florida
bottles of the brewed spirits offered at the 21st Amendment Distillery in Vero Beach florida
the stills at 21st Amendment Distillery in Vero Beach florida

Discover the quintessential destination for exceptional cocktails in Indian River County at the newly unveiled 21st Amendment Distillery. With a profound nod to America’s transformative Prohibition era, the distillery not only serves meticulously crafted in-house cocktails but also captures the spirit of change ignited by the ratification of the 21st Amendment. While my pre-opening visit was filled with anticipation, it revealed a haven for cocktail aficionados. From their artfully distilled spirits to the option of taking home bottled creations, indulgence knows no bounds. Enthusiasts can also savor drinks alongside cigars on the outdoor patio and relish a diverse menu encompassing charcuterie, deviled eggs, sliders, and pizza. Stepping inside, the deliberately dim speakeasy-like ambiance evokes the clandestine allure of the past, making the 21st Amendment Distillery an immersive tribute to American history and the art of mixology.

21st Amendment Distillery
Address: 2055 13th Ave, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 404-7660

Chive – Vero Beach, FL

front entrance and outdoor patio for Chive restaurant located in vero beach florida
inside dining room and bar inside Chive restaurant located in vero beach florida
3 cocktails, left to right, house margarita, pomegranate martini, and a bourbon peach tea from Chive restaurant located in vero beach florida

Introducing Chive, the brainchild of local entrepreneur Louis Kolbauer, delighting Vero Beach since 2013 with its Quick, Creative Cuisine. The restaurant’s popularity has led to expanded menus and a move to a new larger location in Miracle Mile, complete with a full-service bar and an expanded outdoor patio. The three cocktails featured above are the House Margarita, a Pomegranate Martini, and a Bourbon Peach Tea, all delightful and refreshing. Lou’s personal touch shines throughout, from his artwork to the inviting ambiance. Chive’s menu caters to all tastes, offering fresh toppings and proteins for customizable dishes. And the excitement continues with Chive’s Happy Hour, daily from 3-6, presenting half-off drafts, well liquors, house wines, and select calls.

Address: 390 21st St # 104, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 999-5452

Grind & Grape – Vero Beach, FL

front entrance for Grind & Grape located on the island in vero beach florida
The bar inside Grind & Grape located on the island in vero beach florida
a picture of 3 cocktails, from left to right, For Whom the Tiki Tolls, old fashioned, and their famous espresso martini at Grind & Grape located on the island in vero beach florida

Discover the captivating world of libations at Grind & Grape, a true island gem located in Vero Beach. With 8 years of excellence, the establishment has solidified itself as a cornerstone of the local scene, thanks to the combined efforts of owners Barbara Lee and her 2 children, Ryan and Ashlee Wykoff. Their commitment to live music sets the stage for an unforgettable experience, with performances gracing the stage every day. The libations journey is a delightful one, as they curate an array of remarkable wines and rare, high-end spirits, all while boasting an extensive food menu featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Open for a staggering 18 hours a day, Grind & Grape caters to all ages, radiating a vibrant and inclusive ambiance that welcomes everyone from 21 to 100. The drinks showcased in the photo above capture the essence of their artistry (Left to Right): “For Whom the Tiki Tolls,” the timeless Old Fashioned, and their famous Espresso Martini.

Grind and Grape
Address: 925 Bougainvillea Ln, Vero Beach, FL 32963
Phone: (772) 231-5536

Indian River Distillery – Vero Beach, FL

Front entrance for the Indian River Distillery located in Vero Beach Florida
Inside the Indian River Distillery located in Vero Beach Florida
Two cockails, from left to right, tiki swamp tiki, and east marsh mule from Indian River Distillery located in Vero Beach Florida

From Left to Right: Tiki Swamp Tiki and East Swamp Mule.


From Left to Right: Clove & Mom, in-house brewed cola, and Bourbon & Bees.

Welcome to Indian River Distillery, a true gem located near the Vero Beach airport on Aviation Blvd. The roots of this remarkable journey stretch back to a campfire gathering in 2014, where family and friends convened amidst the lush Florida scrub. Amidst laughter and a sip of exceptionally crafted whiskey kindled a transformative idea: “Wouldn’t it be cool to make things like this for a living?” With this spark, their adventure commenced – a voyage of exploration into the craft distillation realm, delving into the interplay between historical and modern techniques. Their repertoire spans from gins and vodkas to moonshines infused with locally sourced ingredients, epitomizing the meticulous craft of spirits. Having personally savored their offerings, I can vouch for the pristine cleanliness and invigorating crispness of their spirits, embodying the robust flavors one anticipates from a local distillery. And if you’re not inclined towards spirits or cocktails, don’t miss out on their in-house brewed cola – a delightful alternative that showcases their diverse range of offerings.


Indian River Distillery
Address: 3308 Aviation Blvd, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 538-3161

If you missed Part 1, Click Here to read it now!

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