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Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House Restaurant Review – Jensen Beach Florida

Perched elegantly on the river’s edge in the picturesque town of Jensen Beach, Florida, The Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House isn’t just a restaurant—it’s a part of local legend, bearing the distinctive touch of Hollywood movie star Frances Langford. Its strategic location gifts visitors with unparalleled panoramic views, stretching gracefully from the Stuart Causeway right to the horizon-touching Jensen Beach Causeway Bridge. The interior is a tribute to rustic elegance with imposing wooden beams and rich hardwood floors setting the stage. Here, their signature dish, The Dolphin ala Dolphin (see picture below), truly stands out: a meticulously prepared filet of the freshest locally caught Dolphin, expertly sautéed and seasoned with a harmonious blend of wine, butter, and fragrant herbs. Each bite, especially when enjoyed against the backdrop of a serene riverfront, transforms the dining experience into a sublime affair.

Outside front of the Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House located in Jensen Beach, Florida
Front Entrance
Inside Dining Room at the Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House located in Jensen Beach, Florida
Inside Dining Room

Further enhancing the allure of this establishment is its proud association with the renowned Conchy Joe’s and Stringers Tavern & Oyster Bar family (click here to read Stringer’s review), signifying a commitment to culinary excellence. An unexpected highlight during my visit was reconnecting with Chef Dave Gould. I last ran into him at my review of Cobb’s Landing in Fort Pierce a little over 4 years ago. Recognized for his culinary prowess, and learning that he was recently promoted to the Executive Chef position overseeing all three venues brought a sense of anticipation and delight.

With three well-appointed bars, a salad bar with over 40 different items, an expansive outdoor seating area offering breathtaking river views, a private banquet room that seats up to 100 guests, and a menu that promises both visual and gastronomic delights, The Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House confidently asserts itself as one of Jensen Beach’s premier dining destinations.

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Now let’s dive right in and see what this place has to offer and what I had to eat!

Seared Ahi Tuna appetizer as prepared by the Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House located in Jensen Beach, Florida

Our meal kicked off with the Seared Ahi Tuna, an inviting dish with as much flavor as it had visual appeal. The Ahi filet, delicately encrusted with sesame seeds, was seared to perfection, revealing a rare middle. Its pencil-thick slices were fanned out, showcasing the beautiful gradient of its sear. This fresh and flavorful dish made for an impeccable start to the meal.

The Pineapple pina colada shrimp as prepared by the Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House located in Jensen Beach, Florida

The Pineapple Pina Colada Shrimp immediately stood out with its unique presentation. The shrimp were fried to crispy perfection, and their golden crunch paired seamlessly with the wonderful pina colada dipping sauce. This sauce, a blend of pureed pineapple and topped with a creamy coconut sauce, added a delightful tropical twist, making each bite a flavorful treat!

Dolphin ala Dolphin as prepared by the Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House located in Jensen Beach, Florida

The restaurant’s pièce de résistance, the Dolphin Ala Dolphin, lived up to its reputation. Fresh Dolphin, dipped in an herb Parmesan egg wash and sautéed, emerged flawlessly flaky and moist. A tangy Lemon Butter Caper sauce elevated the fish’s inherent flavors, while the side of green beans added a fresh, contrasting touch. Particularly nostalgic was the side of Dolphinaise potatoes, reminiscent of the creamy escalloped potatoes from mid-century dining. This combination of classic and contemporary flavors made the dish an undeniably memorable experience.

New York Strip Steak with a Dijon Cream Sauce as prepared by the Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House located in Jensen Beach, Florida

The New York Strip Steak with Dijon Cream Sauce was another standout. This 12oz. Choice Cut was grilled with precision—its exterior boasted a flawless crust and distinct grill marks, while the interior revealed a beautifully pink medium rare, seasoned just right. Paired with this was a side of mashed potatoes so smooth they seemed almost silken. The Dijon cream sauce was a delightful addition, creamy and flavorful without overshadowing the natural taste of the meat. Accompanied by the familiar grilled asparagus, this dish balanced robust flavors with elegant preparation.

To cap off an exquisite meal, I was treated to two of the restaurant’s top dessert selections. First up was the Mango Key Lime Pie, a tropical delight that was every bit as creamy as it was refreshing. Its velvety texture and subtle fruitiness made it an instant palate pleaser. Sharing the spotlight was the day’s Crème Brûlée, a chocolate variant that left me impressed. A true test of any Crème Brûlée lies in the brittle sugar crust on top, and this one excelled. A gentle tap shattered the caramelized layer, revealing a lusciously smooth and subtly chocolate-infused custard beneath.

Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House
Address: 1401 NE Indian River Dr, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
Phone: (772) 781-5136


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