Hodge Cupcakery – Bakery Review

Owner, Karen Hodge is quite a busy lady! She owns and runs 3 separate small businesses. They are a home remodeling business called “My Flippin’ Family”, a professional photographer, and now her latest venture as a cottage baker known as Hodge Cupcakery. I checked out her social media pages and instantly fell in love with what I saw. For someone that is less than one year into this new business venture, her cupcakes appear to be very professional. So where does her experience and love for baking come from? Karen told me this all started years ago when she was growing up. Her mom was her best friend and she would enjoy spending time in the kitchen baking with her. After her mom’s passing in 2020, and with encouragement from her friends, she decided to open this new business. Karen states “it’s part of my healing process, it keeps me close to my mom, and it makes me happy”. My favorite quote from my interview with Karen is “you can’t be sad with a cupcake in your hand”! I couldn’t agree more!

Owner, Karen Hodge

Now let’s dive right in and see what this home bakery has to offer and what I had to eat!

Key Lime Cupcake – Vanilla buttercream, green sugar dusting, slice of lime. Key lime is a favorite of mine and this one had a nice balance of tart and sweet!
Triple Chocolate Cupcake – Peanut butter buttercream, chocolate sprinkles. This was my favorite of all that I tasted during this review! I also like the texture that the paper wrap she uses brings to the cake. It allows a little more browning of the edges and firms up the texture a little bit, yet it didn’t affect the moisture of the cake at all!
Vanilla Oreo Cupcake – Mini Oreo stuffed inside, cookies & cream buttercream, topped with an Oreo cookie. Cookies & cream is a classic flavor combination and worked very well in this cupcake.
Lemon Cupcake – Salted honey buttercream, gold sugar crystals. My second favorite of the review, the cake was moist and delicious, but that honey salted buttercream was the real star! I was thinking it might be too sweet with the honey and the buttercream, but the addition of the salt helped balance it out.

Hodge Cupcakery
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HodgeCupcakery
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hodgecupcakery/
Email: hodgecupcakery@gmail.com
Phone: (561) 346-5300 (text preferred)

Written by Thomas Miller

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