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Palos Tacos Mexican Restaurant Review – Vero Beach, FL

There’s been plenty of buzz so far in 2023 about where to go to get your Mexican Food fix, and here’s one more to put in your rotation. You won’t be going for the atmosphere (located on the corner of 43rd Ave and 20th Street in Vero Beach), but isn’t that the way it goes many times when you want the real deal, that almost “hole in the wall” vibe that has all the flavors going on and is unassuming about it? That’s what you get at the newly opened Palos Tacos, which covers all things taco related, plus chicken tenders and the one item I especially hope you go to try, and that is Birria Ramen Noodles.

I met Majda at Palos Tacos last week, and she shared with me that her son, Pedro, and a couple of other family members decided to open Palos and wanted her to join in to cook because they had all grown up loving her authentic food. She has lived 23 years in Vero Beach, and this is her first time owning a restaurant. When I asked her how the restaurant got its name, she gave me a quick Spanish lesson. “Palos” loosely means “to ride”, as in “Come on, let’s go together to get tacos!” She gave a wide grin, and we shared a laugh!

For me, the bright star among all the offerings is the Birria Ramen Noodle soup dish. It is a fusion that combines the traditional flavors of Mexican Birria (3 different types of beef, slow-cooked for more than four hours) with the comforting allure of Japanese Ramen. The broth is wonderful, rich, savory, and infused with spices that balance it all out. Tender shreds of Birria float in the broth, ensuring a good amount in every spoonful. The ramen noodles themselves provide a pleasing contrast to the rest of the dish. The accompanying garnishes of fresh cilantro, chopped onion, and lime wedge give it a lovely freshness and zest. A splash of one of their sauces kicks it up a notch nicely if you like that kind of thing!

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Aside from this dish, we also tried the following other dishes:

Five tacos combo plate at Palos Tacos in Vero Beach Florida

Five Tacos Combo – A decent portion of well-seasoned beef that tasted fresh and tender. These tacos are served with cilantro, onion, and salsa. I was impressed with the depth of flavor, and personally, I would’ve enjoyed some shredded cheese as well.

Tostada plate at Palos Tacos in Vero Beach Florida

Tostada – This had a very nice crunch on the bottom, and a nice blend of flavors on top, with fresh-tasting lettuce and tomatoes. This dish is rounded out with some beans and crema.

Birria Tacos with Consommé at Palos Tacos in Vero Beach Florida

Birria Tacos with Consomme’– This is a meat lovers delight! Dipping the tacos into the hearty stock gave this a real flavor punch, I like that the tender meat is cut into small pieces because it makes for a very balanced bite.

3 chicken tenders and 3 tacos combo platter at Palos Tacos in Vero Beach Florida

Three Large Buffalo Sauce Chicken Tenders and Three Tacos Combo – Nice to mix it up and get three of each, it includes a side of Mexican Rice. The buffalo coating on the chicken was light, not overpowering.

If a Taco Salad or Tamale is more your speed, they’ve got you covered with that as well. Although I dined in, I think I will order online to go next time and enjoy it in front of a movie at home. They do offer local delivery.


Please go check it out and let me know what you think.

Palos Tacos
Address: 4211 20th St, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 492-9341


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