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Red Wok Restaurant Review

What’s the one cuisine type that I would say that Vero Beach needs the most? From all the discussions about it in our Facebook foodie groups, that would be Chinese. After Szechuan Palace closed back in 2019, Vero lost its last sit-down Chinese restaurant. While I never got a chance to try it, they did get rave reviews. Now all we are left with is “just ok” take out from several places around town. While this new place doesn’t necessarily specialize in just Chinese, they do offer a nice variety of Asian dishes, and what I tried during my review was really good.

Upon arrival one afternoon, I noticed the sign on the building said, “Viet Seafood House” and not Red Wok. The story as I understand it goes like this. Miss Saigon sold the place to the previous owner of Viet Bowl, who opened Viet Seafood House and the place was open for about a month. This was news to me, since I usually have my ear to the ground, and I didn’t hear anything about it. Apparently, and this is only speculation on my part, they just didn’t get enough business to stay open, and the place changed hands to the new owners who now run Red Wok. They just opened on Friday, March 11th, so they are still very new and are still figuring things out. They hope to hire more help very soon, so please be patient if you decide to dine with them. The new owners just moved to Vero Beach from Kansas only a few weeks ago. The owner and head chef has over 30 years’ experience in the restaurant industry and is very familiar with Chinese food, so hopefully this place will once and for all finally solve our lack of good Chinese food in town!

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Now let’s dive right in and see what this place has to offer and what I had to eat!

Front Entrance. The restaurant is located behind Maryland Fried Chicken, use their entrance to get there. New sign just installed around April 1st.
Dining Room
Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll – I’ve always found the clear wrapper on this type of spring rolls quite odd, but the shrimp were fresh, and the veggies added a nice crunch. Peanut dipping sauce was served alongside.
Combo Fried Rice (Beef, Chicken, Shrimp) – The rice was cooked fresh and had good flavor. Seasoning was lighter than I prefer, but you can always season to your personal taste. My family is a big fan of fried rice, so I’m sure we will be going back really soon!
Sesame Chicken – The chicken was more like strips, not chunks like I’m used to, but they were tender and delicious. I should mention, the sauce was sweet, but had a little spicy kick, so not sure if they use the General Tso sauce, or if this is just a spicy version of Sesame Chicken. If you are sensitive to spice, ask for a milder version.
Mongolian Chicken – A generous portion of chicken was stir-fried with fresh green beans and scallions. This was my first time trying this dish, and the sauce was slightly sweet, but seemed to have a darker, richer and savory flavor than I expected.
Half Roasted Duck – Duck is one of my all-time favorite proteins, and this one was exceptional. It was slow roasted to tender and juicy perfection. Flavors were of Chinese five spice with a hint of star anise. The skin wasn’t as crispy as I had hoped, perhaps while it sat a while as I was taking pictures it softened a bit, but it was still quite delicious.
Beef PHO – My experience with PHO is limited to Miss Saigon’s that was served previously at this location, so I only have that to base my opinion on. While I enjoyed the previous version, it always had too much lemongrass in it for my taste. The lemongrass in this one was subtle, but you could still tell it’s in there. The beef was sliced thin and was quite generous. Underneath all the beef and veggies must be a mile long noodle because there was a TON of it. If you are hungry and want noodles, order a bowl of this PHO, I guarantee you won’t go home hungry!

Red Wok
Address: 737 22nd St, Vero Beach, FL 32960
Phone: (772) 226-5618


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  1. Thanks very much for your informative information regarding the Red Wok restaurant…we are “hungary” for a good Chinese sit down restaurant….also, we desperately need a good seafood/fried fish restaurant such as a classier Red Lobster type for the family…the Friday night only fried fish restaurants seem to be located in hole in the wall places or just scattered around town…thanks

    1. Thanks for your comments Don! For restaurants with fish fry’s, I’d recommend Green Marlin, Riverside Cafe, Crab Stop Vero (Thursday night only), and Wes’ Backyard BBQ.

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