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South Fork Kitchen & Bar – Restaurant Review 2021

As a previous winner of my 2020 Golden Fork Awards for a Top 10 Best Dishes for his Grilled Octopus, and most recently winning my Best Burger on the Treasure Coast for his “BAMF” Burger, I thought it was time to stop by again and try a few new items from the menu.

The drive to Stuart only took about 45 minutes from Vero, even with moderate late afternoon traffic. There was plenty of parking spots available at the time I arrived, but I could see it filling up quickly if they had a full dining room. Upon entry, the restaurant has a modern, yet contemporary feel and was very comfortable. With lots of windows at the front and side, it was bright and airy. I took a seat and Chef Ron stopped by my table to greet me and discuss the dishes he wanted me to try. Each dish he presented was beautifully plated and truly a work of art. His use of salty, sweet, acid, and heat was very well balanced with every dish and excited my palate with each bite!

Now let’s dive right in and see what this place has to offer and what I had to eat!

Front Entrance
Dining Room and Bar
House Crudo – Salmon, citrus ponzu, housemade kimchee, cucumber, cracked black pepper. The salmon was incredibly fresh and the citrus ponzu added a tart, yet tangy flavor I couldn’t get enough of! If there is more than 2 of you at the table, order several of them, because you will be fighting over the last bite!
Grilled Flatbread – Fresh mozzarella, parmigiano, basil, truffle, prosciutto. The tomato sauce is made from roasted tomatoes, which gave it a richer and more flavorful sauce. The crust was thin, but not cracker thin and had good chew to it.
Shrimp Pad Thai – Edamame, carrot, bell pepper, scallions, purple cabbage, herbs, coconut curry. The noodles were cooked al dente, the baby shrimp which can overcook quickly, were just perfect. The coconut curry sauce was smooth, very creamy, and had a subtle nutty flavor.
White Chocolate Crème Brulee – This is one of my all time favorite desserts, so I’m a little bit snobby about the execution. The crème part of this dessert was just perfect, slightly sweet, creamy, and had a wonderful white chocolate flavor. The Brulee (sugar topping) was slightly thicker than I like it. You should be able to just lightly tap on and break the sugar. This one took a few extra hard taps to get through it. Not that it made it bad, this is just my personal preference.

South Fork Kitchen & Bar
Address900 SE Indian St, Stuart, FL 34997
Phone: (772) 247-7382

Thomas Miller

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  1. Looks Amazing…

    How about the best Chinese restaurant in the Tri-County area? I haven’t found a great restaurant yet.

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